Delivery and Pickup:
A-1 Etron will deliver and pickup all equipment to any South Florida area. 
Setup and Installation:
Our technicians offer free setup and installation at any local site.  If you need any technical training on how to use the equipment, please ask.  Our techs will be more than happy to demonstrate any equipment for you.
Software Installations:
Choose from Windows 98, ME, NT4.0, 2000 and XP, we can install any operating system of your choice.  We also can install Application Software (per valid customer license) from Microsoft Office 2000.
A-1 Etron Computer Rentals has experienced technicians that can help implement any of your computer rentals into existing networks.  We can even create a small network for your small office needs including printer sharing, DSL Internet Access and much more.
Training Class Rentals:
A-1 Etron can handle any computer training situation you may need, we offer customized services including Networking, Internet Access, Print Sharing. 
Please contact us at 800-248-4652 for more information.  You will find our service is impeccable and our prices extremely competitive.
5661 SW 8 Street. Miami, FL 33134.
Phone: 305-264-4652.